“Crackled” Vases – $40 with FREE SHIPPING

“Crackled” Vases – $40 with FREE SHIPPING


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These bowls are fine for food or just for looking. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Use one for any purpose.


Crackle is created by coating the wet clay with sodium silicate and then expanding the pot from the inside.

The sodium silicate forms a hard shell while the clay below it is still soft. So when the clay is expanded, the silicate coating cracks, hence the name “crackle”.

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You choice of three vases, just $40.00 each, and get free shipping. (Rural, add $4.00 more; Worldwide, please request shipping cost.)

Or collect your vase from Khandallah, Wellington.

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Crackle Vases

#1 – Brown – $40, #2 – Blue – $40, #3 – Green – $40

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