Wellington Pottery Lessons

Wellington Pottery Lessons

Wellington Pottery Lessons:

Pottery Lessons in Wellington.

You choose the time and day
for your individualised pottery class.


Have you ever wanted to throw a pot or bowl? Would you like to try making pottery or ceramic art? Wellington pottery lessons is the solution.

Book a Pottery Lesson to learn pottery in Wellington. 

You can book up to 45 days in advance.
If you do not see any available times for your lesson, check back tomorrow for more options. All available dates and times are in the calendar, so there is no need to contact me to request a different time.

We are closed from 19 December 2020 through 10 January 2021.
Check back 27 November, when January dates will begin being available (one day at a time).

Or buy a Gift Certificate/Voucher.

Pottery lessons/classes at your convenience.

If you’d like to learn pottery in Wellington, how to work with clay, you’ve come to the right spot. Whether you want to simply try it out for an hour or you want a full course, I can teach you pottery in Wellington.

Pottery lessons cost:

  • $50.00 for one hour of individual, one-on-one instruction
  • $120.00 for a three-hour individualised, one-on-one lesson
  • $80.00 for one hour for two people (I have 3 wheels and plenty of table space)
  • Gift certificates (vouchers) are also available.

In a one-hour class, you can learn the basics and make a bowl, cup or vase. It’s not difficult.

Check out what others are saying about my lessons: Read reviews on Google.

And if you’re an advanced potter and would like to learn how to mix glazes from recipes, I can teach you that as well. It is really easy. I make all my own glazes from raw materials. And if you have a glaze recipe you’d like to try, bring it along and we’ll give it a go.

Pottery Lesson in Wellington with Instagram’s @lousleap
Instagram’s @lousleap creating a cup for her morning coffee.

I had the best day with you!! I could of stayed with you all day creating and learning. You made it easy to understand and I can’t wait to come back for more. Looking forward to having my brekkie and coffee out of my hand made work!! Thank you
— Instagram’s @lousleap, after a three-hour lesson

Some of my previous students have gone on to their own ceramics careers, and you can find them sometimes at the Wellington Potters Association enjoying the zen of working with clay.

Dave was knowledgeable, patient and made the lesson a lot of fun! He had great explanations for what was happening to the clay which really helped me learn easily. I definitely recommend for both people interested in learning pottery or anyone after a fun weekend activity. All the best 🙂
— Laura Kirkwood

These prices are likely more economical than participating in a class, and all instruction is individualised, one on one, according to what you want to learn.

I enjoyed a 3 hour class with Dave where I learnt some valuable skills. Dave is patient, observant and a great teacher. He makes you feel comfortable and is great at letting you have a go. Later I attended an additional 1hour glazing class and had the pleasure of decorating the pieces I had learnt to make a couple of weeks later. Dave was fantastic at explaining how to use the glaze and then let me experiment and decorate however I wished. I thoroughly recommend anyone who is thinking about trying a class or term of classes to do the 3 hour class with Dave. Great value for 3 hours of one on one attention, practising and learning!
Larissa Hoogendoorn


Pottery lessons will be held in Khandallah, Wellington, at the top of a cable car. Or at another location of your preference.



After you make the bowls, they have to air dry for at least a week. Then they are bisque fired so they can take glaze (colouring). This firing is included in the cost of the lesson.

If you want to learn how to glaze the bowls, that would be a second lesson two or three weeks after the first, and the price of the lesson includes the glazes and firing. (Same price as a pottery lesson)

Or I can glaze your bowls for you so you can collect them after they’re fired. The cost for that is $15 for the first bowl of one colour and $5 for each additional bowl the same colour.


Dave's Pottery Lesson Glaze Colour Options
Dave’s Pottery Lesson Glaze Colour Options

A pottery lesson gift certificate makes a great gift for a birthday, special holiday, or a wedding anniversary or any time you want to make someone’s day.

Pottery – indicative of nature and simplicity – is the traditional anniversary gift for both the 8th anniversary and 9th anniversary, depending on which anniversary gift list you follow. What better way to celebrate your wedding anniversary than to actually make something together for each other?

Contact me if you have questions, or book your Wellington pottery lesson.

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