Pottery Lesson Gift Certificate Vouchers

Pottery Lesson Gift Certificate Vouchers

Gift Someone
a Pottery Lesson
with Dave’s Ceramic Art

Select the amount you would like to give someone. Your recipient can use that amount on any combination of lessons they want.

Gift Certificate Vouchers expire after 60 days. The lesson must be booked within 60 days of the purchase of this voucher. There is no refund for unused gift certificate/voucher balances.

FOR CHRISTMAS: I recommend waiting until the last possible moment to buy a Christmas gift certificate, due to the 60-day expiration. When you buy a gift certificate, you immediately receive a code that you can email (or print out). There’s no waiting time to get your gift certificate.

YOU COULD LOSE MONEY if you don’t read this:
If your gift certificate recipient cannot take a lesson on a weekday morning, they will likely be unable to book a three-hour lesson. I offer weekend lessons, but they book up very quickly. One-hour lessons are easier to book than three-hour lessons, and your recipient can use your three-hour gift certificate for multiple one-hour lessons as far as the dollar amount goes.
Gift certificates expire 60 days from purchase, no exceptions.
Of course I am happy to sell you a gift certificate for a three-hour lesson; I just want you to be aware of this.