Options for Bisqueware

Options for Bisqueware

Your pottery has been bisqued and is ready for glazing (colouring).

Now you have four options:

1. Take a lesson to learn how to glaze pottery and glaze yours using any of the methods I show or any other way you’d like. Use as many different colours of my glazes as you like. Most people can easily glaze two pots in an hour, and some even have glazed four in an hour. The lesson has a one-hour minimum, so you’ll book that much time. If the lesson takes longer than one hour, you can pay for the difference after the lesson by cash or bank transfer.

Note: Since I am taking a break for a couple months, the only available dates for glazing lessons are during the month of March. Book soon, before the available times are taken.

Book a one-person Glazing Lesson.
Book a two-person Glazing Lesson.

2. Have me glaze your pottery for you, which you can then pick up after it’s been fired. The fee for me to glaze your pots is $20 for the first pot of one colour. Other pots of the same colour cost $5 more. You can select from the colours in this photo.

3. Collect your bisqued pots. If you don’t want your pottery glazed but want to keep it, let me know and we’ll arrange a time for you to collect your bisqueware. Be aware that bisqueware is rather fragile and absorbent and will not hold water, rather like a terracotta pot but even more fragile.

4. Have me dispose of your pots. If you took your pottery lesson just to see what it was like and don’t want to keep your pots, just let me know, and I will dispose of them.