Anagama Pots (Special Wood-fired Pots)

Anagama Pots (Special Wood-fired Pots)

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Anagama is a 7-day wood firing. The process creates one-of-a-kind pieces, even if the shapes are all the same.

*** Sorry, but all items are sold out and I do not expect to make more anagama pots. ***

During the firing, wood ash is melted onto the pots and becomes the glaze. The ash does not float uniformly through the kiln, so each pot receives different amounts and placement of ash, making it unique. And the glaze is not spread uniformly on the pot, so there are interesting and gorgeous effects.

Purple colouring is probably the second rarest effect, and I have a couple pots with this. Hare’s Fur (colourful streaks of glaze) is the rarest, and I have a couple pots with this.

The Wellington Potters Association has a specially built anagama kiln and fires it only once a year. It takes three to four days to load the kiln, and then the kiln is fired for seven days straight, after which the kiln is sealed and allowed to cool for an additional seven days. Because of the cost of the firewood and the time to load the kiln, fire it and unload it, anagama pots are much more expensive than your usual ceramic pottery.

Most bowls are 6–8m tall. The dark brown bowl is my largest piece offered here, at 10cm tall, and what looks like a crack on the inside is just a long indentation; the bowl does not leak.

Vases vary in height from 10cm to 15cm.

All anagama pots are food safe, microwaveable and dishwasher safe. (If the glaze has indentations, be sure to wash thoroughly to remove any food particles stuck in there.)

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