About Dave Clingman

About Dave Clingman

Kia ora. Welcome to my website.

Ceramics is amazing. You take a lump of clay and push or squeeze and smoosh it in various ways, and out comes a work of art or perhaps a simple pot.

I’ve been creating ceramic art since 2016 and enjoy it immensely. When I’m not actually smooshing clay, I am often thinking of what I might do next.

I most enjoy working on the wheel, but I also do some handbuilding. I aim for a balance in my pieces between the functional and artistic aspects of ceramics.

I enjoy experimenting with colours and glazes and how they mix and merge together. I also experiment with the beauty of mixed and recycled clays. My favourite glaze is my new floating blue. And my favourite combinations are tenmoku brown overlapping zinc blue, and magic white overlapping tenmoku brown.

One time I mixed ingredients to make a light blue glaze but used old cobalt oxide, and it came out with gorgeous darker blue speckles, such an amazing accident!

Glazing is the part that can fascinate or frustrate me. It seems I never know for sure what the final glazed product will look like.

Perhaps the glaze runs or flakes or doesn’t quite cover the area I intended. So frustrating. Or maybe two glazes mix perfectly together to form a third, unexpected colour. Fascinating.

And I repair pottery and ceramics items. Let me know if you have something you’d like fixed.

I also repair pottery wheels both at Wellington Potters Association and for private individuals. Does your pottery wheel need a bit of a tuneup? I can fix your pottery wheel at your studio or home. And if you wish to sell an old pottery wheel you’re no longer using, I’d be happy to make an offer.

When not working on ceramics, I enjoy bird-watching in Zealandia and around Wellington. I also work as an editor for books, magazines, newsletters and websites.

I am based in Khandallah, Wellington, New Zealand.

Dave Clingman’s New Zealand Potter’s Mark:

I am a member of Wellington Potters Association, and my potter’s mark is a simple DC initials inscribed by hand.

Check out my Instagram feed to see my latest stuff. And let me know if you see anything that grabs your fancy. I am happy to sell you most things I make, though I have a a few pieces in a ceramics exhibit cabinet for my own pleasure. And of course, we use lots of my ceramics in the kitchen and at the dinner table.

You can also find some of my work here.